The Traveller has been designed for Lehmann Audio. This elegant companion will always give you a unique sound experience, everywhere. This fully analogue headphone amplifier will drive even demanding headphones hands down and may also double quite easily as a preamp for active loudspeakers. This is made possible by two pairs of parallel inputs and outputs plus another input and output socket on the the front and rear panel. Of course, there are no cables visible on the faceplate. This device is also ideally suited for persons with hearing impairments: when needed, the so-called “Center Adjust” function of the Traveller optimises the imaging of the acoustical centre. That way every music lover can level out unevenly recorded source signals or listening differences between the right and left ear.

Design awards 2014:
// Plus X Award “Best Product of the year 2014”
// Plus X Award “Innovation, High Quality, Design”

Traveller was designed with fellow designer Sascha Sartory under FORMFUSION – Produktdesign.

2014 Lehmann Audio Industrial Design