The “FLAPTOP” was created through Formfusion-Produkt Design, at a time when tablets were yet not common. One main consideration of the design was to improve the way we use the notebook during a presentation. Due to its special hinged connection, the user can turn the screen at any angle up to a maximum of 360 degrees. This new position allows the user to either completely flip the screen over and hold it in his or her lap, or to create an angle in which the laptop stands on its own but with the keyboard out of the way. In the triangular shaped position, with the speaker on the top side, the sound is enclosed by the surrounding sides that reflect and increase the volume. Because of the upright position of the bottom part, the heat during a long-lasting presentation is led away from the device, which prevents overheating. Through these design elements, the FLAPTOP lends itself to being used as a unique communicative device.